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 Dragon Ball Collection

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MensajeTema: Dragon Ball Collection   Jue Jun 13, 2013 6:48 pm

Click The Image Of The Character You Want TO Download


Choijin's Website - http://shinchoujin.5...gen/chara_e.htm



...... Purple Hair is an SFF Addon to Regular Trunks

Stig87's Site - http://www.mugendrea...characters.html

~Chrono Strife~

( All Characters By ChronoStrife Above Can Be Downloaded From His Page )
ChronoStrifes Page - http://members.multi...ife/index2.html

~Download All~


Ryons Creations = http://mugenfreefora...ons-characters/

Mugen Mundo DBZ Characters

Mugen Mundo Website - http://mugenmundo.uc...m_e_hosted/0-23

Dragon Ball Ultimate Battle 22

[ Collection Download ] = http://www.mediafire...4cd5nv3ga3socde

KameKaze's DBZ HD Hyper Dimension

Download From KameKaze's Website = http://network.mugen...d.com/kamekaze/

Collections Of DBZ Character By Me ( ZombieBrock)

10 Evil Saiyans = http://www.mediafire...vvuqh5wbypqn98r
12 Goku Characters = http://www.mediafire...s5m2a35nzvkg8he
14 DBZ Villains = http://www.mediafire...m4s56ag1cdx20tr
5 Versions Of Cell = http://www.mediafire...y397abopizncy9a
7 Android Saga Chars = http://www.mediafire...20oh44x161gxgsj
7 Versions Of Coola & Freeza = http://www.mediafire...cl4v6b6jlixdzu1
DBZ Friends = http://www.mediafire...2m1h7anoy2tok11
The Ginyu Force = http://www.mediafire...2ozsqq3zm27sk27

DragonBall AF Series*Complete* ( Click To Download)

***********************************Dragon Ball Series Supporting Cast*********************************
Click The Image To Download

Old School Dragon Ball Z Characters
*some will need to be fixed to work in 1.0*

Pack 1 - http://www.mediafire...t0t0t61tueha6kj
Pack 2 - http://www.mediafire...ywc3z0lsa3ja7r4


Ok Obviously this is not ALL of the mugen versions of the Dragon ball,z,GT series.........but its a damn good start & its almoat 5:30 am ^ i started this at alittle after 2..........more to come sooner rather than later

SS3 Goku By warusaki3


Early Beta's & Joke Versions of DBZ Characters


Mr . Satan Z

this is a joke version of the infamous mrSatan , the thing is he plays just like satan is in the cartoon, a supposed great martial artist, who gets his ass handed to him on a constant basis by the DBZ characters so infact hes a 100% Cartoon accurate

Bardock SB (Dragonball) By Alunfla

mediafire.com ?zo2cwkxkqjt
Cooler/Coola English Voice pack
Zarbon by MasterPegasus

I managed to convert Metal Frieza to 1.0. Turns out a single value was off and the MUGEN build date needed to be fixed. Also balanced his damage values out and resized him to be a little bit better scaled (he was even smaller than other Super Butoden chars I've saw. I actually resized him a little bit more but feel free to mess with the local coord in his .def file which I took the liberty of also adding.)

Even with damage values balanced, he attacks insanely. His combos are devastating. I basically lowered his max health, defense, and attack down to the same numbers as the cooler I made the English patch for. However, it makes little difference as he's still capable of firing broken broken devastating combos. They just do less damage now allowing the player a fighting chance against his already threatening AI.

A special thanks to Ryon for showing me how to convert Omegabros6's Deoxys a while back. That actually helped me identify the problem here with Metal Frieza

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Dragon Ball Collection
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